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Consumer electronics industry has gone through a revolution to make everything “connected” and “smart”. Wireless technology has played a crucial role and has been applied almost everywhere in daily life.

RFIC offers a broad selection of key components and solutions to support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac requirements in connection speed, flexibility and capacity. These devices can be used in a wide range of applications like entertainment systems (virtual reality accessories, video games, Guitar, remote control aircraft, etc.), communication systems (Cell phones, laptops, pads, etc.) and educational aids (Learning Tablets, etc…).

  SPDT: SW408 SW409 SW470 SW470A SW423 SW423R SW351C
SW414 SW472C    
  DPDT: SW438 SW438A  
  SP3T: SW417 SW373C  
  SP4T: SW414C  
  SP5T: SW415C  
  SP6T: SW416C  
  SP7T: SW417C  
  SP8T: SW418C  
  DP4T: SW624C  


Power Amplifiers
  Sub-1GHz: AP7293 AP1093          
  2.4-2.5GHz: AP1110 AP1047 AP1076 AP1053 AP1096    
AP3013 AP3013F EPM2426 EPM2428    
  3.3-3.8GHz: AP3014          
  5GHz: AP3015 AP3015P AP3015M AP5402      


Low Nosie Amplifiers
  2.4-2.5GHz: AN5910 AN5405          
  5GHz: AN5404            


Front-end Modules
  2.4-2.5GHz(LNA+SW): LS5601 LS5201        
  2.4-2.5GHz(PA+LNA+SW): AP1288 FM5309        
  2.4-2.5GHz(PA+LNA+SW*2): AP1286S          
  2.4-2.5GHz(PA+LNA+SP3T): FM5300