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With the development of wireless communication technology, we can easily connect to others by using various devices and systems.

RFIC provides power amplifiers (PA), low-noise amplifiers (LNA), switches (SW), and integrated front-end modules (FEM) that with the features of simply, low-cost and high quality. It can be applied for the variety of networking applications, especially AP routers and portable Wi-Fi routers.

  SPDT: SW408 SW409 SW470 SW470A SW423 SW423R SW351C
  SW414 SW472C  
  DPDT: SW438 SW438A  
  SP3T: SW417 SW373C  
  SP4T: SW414C  
  SP5T: SW415C  
  SP6T: SW416C  
  SP7T: SW417C  
  SP8T: SW418C  
  DP4T: SW624C  


Power Amplifiers
  2.4-2.5GHz: AP1110 AP1047 AP1076 AP1053 AP1096    
AP3013 AP3013F EPM2426 EPM2428    
  5GHz: AP3015 AP3015P AP3015M AP5402    


Low Nosie Amplifiers
  2.4-2.5GHz: AN5910 AN5405          
  5GHz: AN5404            


Front-end Modules
  2.4-2.5GHz(LNA+SW): LS5601 LS5201        
  2.4-2.5GHz(PA+LNA+SW): AP1288 FM5309        
  2.4-2.5GHz(PA+LNA+SW*2): AP1286S          
  2.4-2.5GHz(PA+LNA+SP3T): FM5300