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To further the convenience and comfort in a “connected” world, there are places and times that “wearing” a smart device is more desirable than “carrying” one. The wearable market has been growing rapidly and the miniaturized wireless devices are playing an important role in its development.

RFIC provides a variety of miniaturized components and modules with low power consumption, low cost and high sensitivity to support a wide range of applications like Bluetooth earphones, trackers, Smart glasses, Smart watches…

  SPDT: SW408 SW409 SW470 SW470A SW423 SW423R  
SW351C SW414 SW472C  
  DPDT: SW438 SW438A  
  SP3T: SW417 SW373C  
  SP4T: SW414C  
  SP5T: SW415C  
  SP6T: SW416C  
  SP7T: SW417C  
  SP8T: SW418C  
  DP4T: SW624C  


Power Amplifiers
  2.4-2.5GHz: AP1110            


Low Nosie Amplifiers
  2.4-2.5GHz: AN5910 AN5405          
  5GHz: AN5404            


Front-end Modules
  2.4-2.5GHz(LNA+SW): LS5601 LS5201        
  2.4-2.5GHz(PA+LNA+SW): AP1288 FM5309        
  2.4-2.5GHz(PA+LNA+SW*2): AP1286S          
  2.4-2.5GHz(PA+LNA+SP3T): FM5300